Modern dentistry now offers many reliable and convenient restoration options that help you regain your smile and oral functionality as well as maintain an optimal level of oral health. Using strong materials and advanced technology, Dr. Chung is equipped and experienced to handle even the most complex restorations and bring your mouth back to full health.

Dental crowns are caps used to restore teeth that have been damaged due to cavities, trauma, or heavy bite forces, as well as teeth that have undergone a root canal. They are made from durable materials that mimic natural teeth and completely restore the damaged tooth’s structure and strength. Teeth that are restored using crowns are indistinguishable from natural teeth and also extremely secure and comfortable.
Crowns can be designed and used to restore one or several teeth and are also used in conjunction with dental implants to fill the space left by missing teeth. 


Today's advanced dental technology allows us to simplify the procedure of designing and manufacturing a crown and get everything done in only one appointment. To begin the procedure for same-day crowns, Dr. Chung gently shapes the tooth and then takes detailed digital images to accurately design your new restoration. Then, using specialized software, a milling machine manufactures the crown from durable porcelain. Once the new crown is ready, Dr. Chung will secure it in place and you can resume your normal activities. 


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