Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

If left untreated, cavities and small fractures in the surface of the teeth can cause much larger dental issues such as severe decay, infections, or tooth loss. That is why they should be addressed as soon as possible and filled to prevent further decay and infections. 

The most common types of fillings used in dentistry in the past were gold, silver, and amalgam (metal) fillings. Their main advantages included their strength and durability. However, metal fillings also come with a few downsides, such as their less-than-aesthetic appearance that leads to visible restorations everyone can notice and teeth staining or discoloration caused by the metal compounds. 


Nowadays, dentistry offers much more aesthetically pleasing options that blend in seamlessly with the color and texture of your natural teeth to offer you a harmonious smile no one will ever be able to tell has been restored. In addition, these new types of fillings are also durable and strong. 

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite resin fillings, are chemically bonded to the teeth. They are made from finely ground glass particles and blend in perfectly with the natural tooth structure, matching its color and texture. They are considered a very reliable permanent restoration.

Composite fillings are convenient and versatile and offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. Dr. Chung uses this type of filling to fill cavities and restore tooth damage, especially for the front teeth where the restoration has to be invisible in order to restore your smile’s natural appearance. 


To apply the composite filling, Dr. Chung removes the damaged area, cleans it and disinfects it, and then applies the liquid resin onto the tooth’s surface. The material is easy to work with and mold and the dentist shapes it to give the restoration a natural appearance and completely restore the tooth’s original shape and size. Once the resin is shaped, it is hardened within seconds using a curing light. The last step is polishing the composite filling restoration.


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