Cigarette Smoking and Dental Issues

Cigarette Smoking and Dental Issues

Posted by Palm Court Dental on Oct 20 2021, 07:34 AM

Smoking is considered to be a habit that causes extreme harm to the human body. The dental health of the patient is adversely affected by smoking. It puts the patient at risk of dental diseases that can lead to tooth loss. At Palm Court Dental, our efficient dentists advise people to avoid the habit, considering the damage it causes to teeth.

Dental Diseases Caused by Smoking

Periodontal Diseases

People who smoke cigarettes are prone to periodontal diseases. Symptoms like bleeding gums are not visible in the mouth due to the poor blood supply caused by smoking. The patient may have a bad taste and a bad smell. Some patients may also have discharge coming from the gums. And treatment for gum disease may not produce effective results because of smoking. 

Oral Cancer

Smoking increases the chances of oral cancer. The patient may experience swelling in the mouth, and white or red patches could also form there, signaling dental disease. Persistent ulcers could also develop in the mouth, which does not disappear within a certain time. These can cause extreme pain while talking and chewing food. 

Stained Teeth

Smoking leaves stains on the teeth. The nicotine content in cigarettes is the main cause of the stain. The discoloration affects the appearance of the person, adversely affecting self-esteem and confidence regarding their look. The stain cannot be washed or brushed off from the teeth easily.

Tooth Loss

People who smoke regularly might experience tooth loss. Most smokers tend to neglect the signs and symptoms of dental diseases. It worsens over time and can lead to loss of teeth. Some damages are irreparable and dentists would recommend extracting the teeth to avoid further complications. 

Kick Away the Smoking Habit

Smoking injures health and can cause diseases like lung cancer and mouth cancer. Dentists strongly advise their patients to stop the habit to maintain good oral health. Quitting it helps to reduce the chances of dental diseases. It also enhances the overall dental health of the patient. 

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