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Oral surgery is perhaps one of the most under-discussed field of medicine in the world. Most people picture wisdom tooth removal when they think of oral surgery, but oral surgeons do far more than just that.

One of their more important procedures is bone grafting, and it’s absolutely imperative at times for the health of some people’s mouths and jaw. While we hope you never need a bone graft, it never hurts to be educated about them. Let’s look at what a bone graft involves.

What is a bone graft?
Bone grafts are only performed by a professional dentists. That’s because it’s a specialized procedure where a bone sample from another part of your body is grafted into your jaw. This process makes the jaw stronger, and can help solve a multitude of different problems.

Why would I need one?
A bone graft is used to treat decay caused by gum disease or other oral health issues. It’s also used to strengthen your jaw bone in preparation for getting a dental implant. If you’ve had to lost teeth due to infection, the jaw bone can be left weakened.

We handle all of these procedures at our offices at Palm Court Dental in Fontana, California.

Are they common?
It’s not common to need a bone graft unless you have bad oral health to begin with. For most patients, it’s a last-resort type option. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 909-829-3994.