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Many contact sports athletes complain that stock mouth guards and thermoplastic boil and bite mouthpieces obstruct breathing, and feel uncomfortable in the mouth. This can be particularly distressing when you are at full exertion.

Despite that fact that the school or athletic association likely requires the use of a protective mouth guard, some athletes will still forgo frequent use. Should you make this choice, you will be at increased risk of suffering oral trauma, fractured teeth, and potential concussion.

In many of these cases Dr. Ricky Chung and the staff specialists at Palm Court Dental, can provide you with a custom fit protective mouth guard.

This special mouth guard will be created from very durable materials, to match the specific characteristics and the contours of your bite your pattern. This will provide you with comfortable, effective protection and the easy passage of air.

If you have a bad habit of chewing on your mouth guard, inserting it into your face guard, or leaving laying around without its protective case, the custom mouth guard could suffer significant wear and tear.

If you do notice a problem, it’s best to have it examined by Dr. Ricky Chung and their team to assess the severity of the problem and determine if you will need a new mouth guard produced.

If you are an athlete living in the Fontana, California, region and you are interested in a custom mouth guard, you should call 909-829-3994 to schedule an appointment at the dental offices of Palm Court Dental.