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Your tooth enamel is the white shell that protects the inner layers of your teeth, like the cementum, dentin, and pulp. If your tooth enamel is compromised in any way, there is a good chance the entire health of the tooth can also be compromised. Unfortunately, tooth enamel loss is a real dental issue in the world today, and it can alter your oral health and smile more than you might think. To help you know more about this dental issue, our dentist, Dr. Ricky Chung, has some information for you.

Causes of enamel loss

The most typical causes of enamel loss are:

-Enamel erosion (occurs when the teeth are overexposed to acidic foods and drinks)

-Tooth damage (this results in tooth enamel chips or breaks)

-Certain medications (Aspirin and vitamin C can contribute to the process of enamel erosion)

Repair techniques for enamel loss

If your tooth enamel is severely damaged, then your dentist will most likely repair it with a dental bonding treatment or a dental crown. The dental bonding treatment can help with tooth chips and breaks because it involves applying a tooth-colored dental resin on the tooth, shaping it, and then hardening it. The resin covers the tooth and secures the enamel. The dental crown can help with erosion issues because it can replace the entire tooth enamel layer. Once it’s custom made for your tooth, your dentist will cement it into place.

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