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As a parent protecting your child from injury is very important. While this certainly includes lifestyle choices, prevention, and intervention, it can also extend to protective gear during athletics.  

Indeed many schools, organizations, and youth athletic associations require the use of protective gear, including a quality mouth guard. This often extends to contact sports like football, wrestling, and lacrosse, as well as other vigorous athletic activities.

There are several different styles sold in stores right for your son or daughter will help encourage regular use.

Stock mouth guards are generally inexpensive and available in most sporting goods stores. While there are varying designs, most are made from a durable yet soft plastic.

Boil and bite mouth guards are made from a special thermoplastic material. You simply heat the unit is warm water the mouth guard becomes malleable. When you bite down on it the thermoplastic material conforms to the unique shape of your mouth.

Unfortunately, many athletes complain that these consumer grade mouth guards are uncomfortable or impede breathing. Certain designs can even make it hard to breathe during full exertion.

One way to encourage regular use is to have Dr. Ricky Chung provide your son or daughter with a custom mouth guard. This is a soft and durable mouthpiece that will be specifically to match the unique details of their mouth for maximum comfort and ease of breathing.  

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