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Do you have any small abnormalities or irregularities with your teeth that you want to correct, such as damage from dental erosion or wear? If so, consider the benefits that a cosmetic dentistry service such as dental bonding can do for you in your quest for a better smile.

The guidebook to dental bonding and your oral health care is yours to command, and you can take care of your oral health with dental bonding treatments. Let’s take a look!

– Dental bonding is often used to mend damage brought on by plaque buildup, cavities, oral accidents, and oral injuries.

– Dental bonding services are highly effective for use as dental fillings to fix cavities.

– Teeth that suffer from slight spacing malocclusions or appear to be slightly irregular may benefit from dental bonding therapy.

– Dental bonding lasts more than ten years before they need to be replaced or reapplied.

– Dental bonding is a method of cosmetic dentistry, typically made of resin or porcelain, that is designed to improve the look and function of teeth by applying materials to each tooth.

– Dental bonding replicates natural tooth shades in appearance and can blend well with a natural smile.

No matter the needs you require from your smile, our team at Palm Court Dental can help. Dr. Ricky Chung and our team can give you a comprehensive oral examination to determine if a dental bonding procedure is right for you and your oral health needs. To schedule a visit to our dentist office in Fontana, California, please call 909-829-3994 today. We look forward to making your smile shine with confidence!