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Dr. Ricky Chung at Palm Court Dental is pleased to offer bone augmentation, or bone grafting, for our patients in Fontana, California having lost bone density in the jaw. One can lose bone density because of tooth loss due to decay, trauma or gum disease. With the help of a bone graft, this may just be the right solution to restore your smile.

Why does jaw bone density matter so much? To understand that, you need to know that the jaw quietly supports your teeth, along with the muscles and skin in your face. This healthy balance is normally maintained by the natural stimulation of chewing. When a tooth is lost, whether it be from tooth decay, oral trauma or gum disease, the stimulation is diminished. Unfortunately, without sufficient supportive jaw bone, you prematurely appear aged.

Another impact jaw bone loss can have on your smile is dental implantation. Without proper bone material in the jaw, the implant can’t be supported. Thankfully, a bone augmentation procedure allows Dr. Ricky Chung to place dental restorations including crowns, dentures, or fixed bridgework.

In order to perform the graft, Dr. Ricky Chung may use a small section of bone from another area of your jaw or your body (the hip or shin, for example), and transplant it into the jaw. Bone material may also be obtained from other sources, including artificial bone.

If you would like to find out more about how a bone graft can restore your healthy smile, please call our team at 909-829-3994 to schedule your consultation. At Palm Court Dental, we look forward to helping you create the beautiful smile you deserve in Fontana, California!